Valley Flaxflour Ltd is a Middleton, Nova Scotia, based company established in 1998 to provide quality milled flax to Nursing Homes in Nova Scotia for Natural Bowel Care. The variety of products produced by Valley Flaxflour has expanded over the past 16 years to include flax for the equine market and flax for the retail marketplace. 

In 2012, the company began selling an extended family of gluten free mixes made using a uniquely nutritious blend of flax, buckwheat, corn and certified gluten free oats.  Valley Flaxflour products are sold throughout Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Our new mail order service ships directly to you! If you are looking for shipping out side of Canada, please email or call us toll free.

Valley Flaxflour Ltd is the only mill in Atlantic Canada producing premium quality, gluten free flours and mixes.  Located in Middleton, Nova Scotia, we process whole, brown and golden seeds into fine flax flour, whole corn into corn flour, and certified gluten free oats into oat meal and oat flour.  All of our ingredients and mixes meet International and Canadian Standards for gluten free foods.


Our cold milling process, high-barrier packages, small volume purchasing of premium quality ingredients, safety and satisfaction guarantee, as well as our outstanding consumer support, all ensure that the price you pay adds value to the product you take home.

Our retail packages are easily opened and closed with a reseal strip for consumer convenience.  The gusset bottom makes shelving for display neat and attractive and convenient for at-home or retail shelf storage.



In 2013, Valley Flaxflour re-branded its flours and mixes for our retail customers.  The new Valley Kitchen brand connotes the warmth of home baked foods from our kitchen to yours!  Our focus on the use of whole seeds and grains, as well as the limited addition of simple starches, gums, sugar and sodium, help ensure that our products address the concerns of many health conscious consumers.


Valley Flaxflour products are marketed under the Valley Kitchen label.

Our small, conscientious staff is committed to producing fresh, safe, nutritious ingredients and mixes.  We believe that freshly milled, whole grains and seeds selected for their nutritional and functional benefits provide consumers with an opportunity to make a healthy food choice for themselves and their families. 


The vibrant, clean look of the Valley Kitchen package attracts immediate attention on retail shelves.  Package sizes are convenient and provide an affordable entry point for first-time buyers.  Larger packages provide an even lower-per-unit cost for committed users and families. Easy, healthy, everyday.


BIO of Co-Owner and President, Howard Selig

Preparing Safe, Nutritious Foods for over 30 Years

Howard Selig, Chef, Registered Dietitian, Certified Foodservice Manager and Co-owner of Valley Flaxflour Ltd, was recently inducted into the Canadian Culinary Federation Honour Society at their annual Induction Dinner at the Chateau Montebello in Quebec. One of six Nova Scotian Chefs to be inducted into this prestigious society since it was established in 2010, Chef Selig was recognized for his foresight, dedication and contributions made to the Federation and lifetime passion and service to the culinary profession.

Chef Selig received his Inter-provincial Red Seal as a Journeyman Cook in 1984 and was immediately accepted into the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks, now the Canadian Culinary Federation. Since beginning his career in cooking, Chef Selig has volunteered hundreds of hours to the profession as a member of the Nova Scotia Association of Chefs and Cooks, the Canadian Federation and through a variety of community based initiatives, including the school enrichment program, Town of Middleton Breakfast series, community cooking programs, and the Middleton & District Lions Club events.

In 1990, Chef Selig left professional cooking to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. He graduated from Acadia University with his BSc Nutrition with Honours in 1995, completed his Dietetic Internship at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre (QEII) in 1996 and became a Registered Dietitian. In 1998, Selig, with his wife Wendy Rodda, established Valley Flaxflour Ltd, a company committed to the production of nutritious ‘food with benefits’. Chef Selig applies both his cooking skills and professional nutrition knowledge to the development of gluten free ingredients which are nutritious, versatile, easy to prepare and delicious.

Chef Selig believes that selecting a variety of nutritious foods, understanding basic food preparation techniques and following safe food handling practices are essential to the enjoyment of the foods we provide to help ourselves and others live a healthy, active life. Bon appétit!