Gluten Free Recipes

Fruit Smoothie


Yield: 1 – 2 servings

Fresh or frozen fruit

enough for one or two people

(banana, apple, orange, kiwi, pineapple or other available fruit)

Fruit juice 60 to 125 ml 1/4 to ½ cup

Yogurt or Tofu (optional) 60 to 125 ml 1/4 to ½ cup

Flax flour 60 to 90 ml 4 to 6 Tbsp

Ice (optional)


1. In a blender, combine the washed or peeled fruit with the fruit juice, yogurt or tofu, and flax flour. Add ice, as desired.

2. Blend until smooth.

Thin with additional juice, as required.

Naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, the addition of flax flour to your smoothie enhances the fibre, omega-3 oil, protein, and anti-oxidant content of this increasingly popular beverage.